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Clyde's Shots: Hits of 2013

The Capitals Greatest Hits of 2013. Perhaps not, but it sounds good, right?

What would NHL hockey be like without hitting? Probably something infinitely less than it is with hitting. The sound of the boards and the glass crashing with each impact. The sight of guys flying through the air and falling to the ice after violent collisions. Where everyone looks to give back just as much as they get. Shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, nose to glass. It all gets the players up, the crowd into the game and is an awesome spectacle.

Capturing those hits is all about anticipation and timing, which has some similarity to throwing the hits themselves with none of the risk. It's not easy and there are more misses than hits (uh, that pun should explain why I don't write much here), but when it connects, the results can be kind of cool. Even when you do miss, like Mike Green that one time, it can still be pretty cool.

So, please, enjoy these Capitals Greatest Hits of 2013 gallery as today's part of the Clyde's Shots 2013 series.

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