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Circular Reasoning: The Nylander to KHL Rumors

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[Folks over on the Caps message board have been talking about rumors of Michael Nylander also being interested in the KHL. Kozzy and Feds and Circles, Oh My!! Could this be true? Well have a look at a translation of the original piece reporting this, from Sovietsky Sport from a week ago (with a link to their source in the Czech Republic) and judge for yourselves. To call it a rumor at this point would be generous.]

Nylander and Kaberle to Avangard?

Sovietsky Sport 21 May 2009

Washington forward Michael Nylander and Carolina defenseman Frantisek Kaberle might become players for Avangard Omsk this summer.

"I heard this information, but it's premature to talk about anything. Carolina is in the play-offs and Frantisek is only thinking about the Stanley Cup. I know he wants to remain in the NHL. But, of course, you can't discount anything from happening" said Kaberle's father in an interview with

Nylander still has two years on his contract with Washington, according to which he should receive over 8 million dollars.

"Right now I don't know what's going to happen. But Omsk is searching for a really high-class player to strengthen their team" said Jaroslav Zidek, agent [for Jaromir Jagr. -TH].