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Two Dudes

Two Dudes: Playoff Starting Goalie

I say they go with the young, inexperienced European...

Two Dudes: Looking for Greener Pastures?

Washington needs a defenseman... but does a former Cap fit the bill?

Two Dudes: American Beauties

Two Yanks enter, only one can stay...

Two Dudes: The Best Team of the Ovechkin Era?

Everyone knows that the 2015-16 Capitals are the best team in franchise history, right? Well, maybe not...

What is Marcus Johansson Worth?

There may not be a player on the Caps roster about whom opinions vary so dramatically... and this time, it might take arbitration to settle the differences.

Two Dudes: What to do with Braden Holtby?

The Caps need to lock up their franchise goalie long-term... or do they?

Questions - and Answers - for the Next Caps GM

As we wait patiently for the phone to ring asking us to come in to interview for the Caps' vacant general manager post, all we can do is ask the questions we'd like asked... and answer 'em.

Two Dudes: The Grass is Always Greener?

There's work to be done to turn the Caps around. Could that process start with moving one of the roster's mainstays?

Two Dudes: Ovechkin's Defense - Does it Matter?

On whether or not we should care that the Caps' captain might not be able to pick his goalie out of a lineup

Two Dudes: Buy or Sell?

With the trade deadline rapidly approaching and a sprint to the regular season finish line ahead, what should George McPhee do?

The Kids Are Alright... But Is Alright Enough?

Are Tom Wilson and Connor Carrick here to stay? Should they be?

Building Through the Draft: Has it Worked?

The Capitals have prided themselves on constructing a contender from the ground up. Has it worked?

Wanted: Second-Line Center or Top-Four Defenseman?

Heading into free agency, the Caps have needs, but which is the most important to address?

Two Dudes: Martin Erat Comes to Washington

The Caps bring in the Czech winger to plug a hole in the top-six forwards... but was the cost too steep?

Because You're Mine, I Walk the (Hard)Line

Ted Leonsis gets pegged as a "hardliner" in CBA negotiations. Got a problem with that? Well, maybe...

Two Dudes: Settling the NHL Lockout

As the players and owners do battle over a new Collective Bargaining Agreement, we wonder... would we be doing any better in their (really expensive) shoes?