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Joe B. and Locker: The (Talking) Bobblehead

It’s simply sensational...

NHL- Carolina Hurricanes at Washington Capitals Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images

Disclaimer: We’re compensated for this post, as you no doubt would’ve suspected.

Leave it to our good friends at FOCO to come up with a dual bobblehead of your favorite broadcast duo, Joe B. and Locker:

Looks great, right? Joe B. resplendent in a brown pinstriped number from Bruno Cipriani no doubt, and Locker looking like he could still skate a few shifts (and not pass it once). Well, it also sounds great - press a button on the base and hear audio clips whenever you need that fix.

Each of these is individually numbered out of 818 units, stands eight inches high and retails for $85. Get ‘em while you can - this one will go fast.

Now, where do we we petition FOCO to put out an in-studio dual bobble of Alexa Landestoy and Alan May?