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The Noon Number: Goalie Duels

A look back at wins by the slimmest of margins

Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

32 - Number of times in franchise history that the Capitals have earned a victory with a 1-0 score (regulation or overtime), including last night’s whitewash of the Blue Jackets by Darcy Kuemper. It was their first 1-0 win in almost two years, the last one being over the Islanders back in April 2021, and the first 1-0 win over the Jackets.

The Caps have earned those 32 wins over 17 different teams (16 different franchises, with one apiece against the Hurricanes and Hartford Whalers) - including three against Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Ottawa, Montreal, and Edmonton - and Kuemper became the 15th goalie in franchise history to earn one of those 1-0 wins.