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Sunday Caps Clips: Goal-Scoring Chops and Applesauce

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Caps make an apple-tossing hometown crowd happy with a big win on Backstrom night, a few leftovers from Friday night and more.

New Jersey Devils v Washington Capitals Photo by John McCreary/NHLI via Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • This was amazing.
  • As was this.
  • Apple-fest aside, last night was notable for T.J. Oshie’s return to the lineup. Again. Stay healthy, Teej, we miss you. [NBCSW]
  • Nicklas Backstrom’s coach and teammates feel the quiet Swede’s impact on the team every day. [WHN]
  • A few leftovers from Friday night’s shootout win in Buffalo. [Caps, S&S, RMNB, Die by the Blade]
  • Happy Sunday!