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The Noon Number: From Way Dowdtown

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A look at some long-distance deliveries

NHL: MAR 11 Capitals at Flyers
The rare “goalie in the goal celebration” shot.
Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

185 - The distance from which Nic Dowd scored his game-clinching empty-net goal in Philadelphia last night, making it the farthest tally of the 3,502 Caps goals on record for which we have location data (i.e. the start of the 2007-08 season). Let’s have another look, shall we?

Impressive (though his average goal distance on the night was a rather pedestrian 97 feet).

Prior to that Dowd goal, the Caps’ most distant delivery belonged to Karl Alzner from back in 2016, which was charted at 182 feet:

Guess he called bank.

Rare as it has been in recent Caps history to score from such distance, it’s not all that uncommon League-wide:

Finally, because you’re curious, here’s the lengthiest of Alex Ovechkin’s lamp-lighters on record, clocking in at 165 feet:

Most massive of thanks to Evolving-Hockey’s Play-By-Play Data Query feature for making this inquiry (somewhat) painless. Support them on Patreon, if you’re so inclined.