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The Noon Number: Gone in 34 Seconds

A look at a trio of swift treys

Washington Capitals v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Chase Agnello-Dean/NHLI via Getty Images

34 - Number of seconds in which the Blackhawks scored three goals during the second period of Wednesday night’s game. And while that’s certainly a quick trey, it’s neither the fastest three the Caps have surrendered, nor would it be the speediest they’ve dropped on an opponent.

As you might suspect, both involved the Pittsburgh Penguins (as these things tend to). Back in January of 1993, the Pens needed just 29 seconds late in the first period to turn a 2-0 Caps lead into a one-goal edge of their own.

Not bad, but that’s a full eight seconds longer than it took Michal Pivonka and Stephen Leach (twice) to tally on Nicklas Backstrom’s third birthday to give Washington a 5-1 lead heading into the locker room after one period (yes, they would hold on and win).

Three goals, 21 seconds. Almost makes you wonder what took Chicago so long...