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Tom Wilson and Halle Bobble Head Arrives to Cure Hockey Lull and Support Wolf Trap Animal Rescue

FOCO/Washington Capitals

We are all in a lull right now due to the NHL suspension from the coronavirus, but it’s important to remember that some have it off worse than not having sports on their television. One of those suffering are dog rescues. With people in quarantine it’s hard for rescues to stay above water and help our furry friends like they desperately need.

But don’t fret! Tom Wilson and his cute side kick, Halle, are here to save the day. The duo teamed up to get themselves morphed into bobble head form for all to enjoy. With a purchase of this adorable piece, you don’t only get a great bobblehead to show off but portions of the proceeds go right to Wolf Trap Animal Rescue, where the goodest girl, Halle, was rescued from an abusive situation.

So hurry quick and grab this charming piece of Wilson and Halle from the great people at Foco. You won’t just get a great looking bobble head but you’ll help out a rescue in need. It’s a win-win!