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The Noon Number: Offense is Cool

A look at an action-packed start to the season for the Caps

Washington Capitals v Vancouver Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/NHLI via Getty Images

92 - Total number of goals scored through 13 Capitals games so far this season (for and against combined), the most in the NHL to date. That’s a rate of 7.08 goals per game, second-highest in the League behind Nashville and Florida who are currently tied at 7.09.

The Caps lead the League in goals-for with 49 (3.77 GF per game, third-highest) and have given up 43 (3.31 GA per game, tenth), which is tied with San Jose for the fourth-most.

One could say a lot about the Caps in the early goings of this 2019-20 season... but you certainly can’t call them boring.