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Watch The NYC Caps Crew Celebrate Kuznetsov’s Goal

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Re-live the magic of Evgeny Kuznetsov’s game-winning goal to eliminate the Pittsburgh Penguins with the New York City Caps Crew.

Screenshot: Courtesy NYC Caps Crew

Have you already forgotten the feeling of watching Evgeny Kuznetsov slip the puck between Matt Murray’s pads in overtime of Game 6 to send the Washington Capitals to the Eastern Conference Finals?

Of course you haven’t. If you’re a Caps fan, you never will.

Re-live that moment, and all the emotions of elation, relief, jubilance, and rapturous joy, with the video below from the NYC Caps Crew.

Recorded at JoJo's Philosophy, a bar in Manhattan, it captures the exact moment that 20 years of painful history were erased in an instant, through the eyes of some of the most die-hard Capitals fans in America.

Go follow NYC Caps Crew on Twitter, and watch the video below.

Those chills you feel? They took two decades to make.

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