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The Noon Number: Vrana Be in the Lineup

NHL: Washington Capitals at Minnesota Wild Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

58.9 - Jakub Vrana’s relative shot-attempt percentage at five-on-five in Tuesday’s win over the Senators, the highest mark posted by any skater in the League this year (minimum four attempts). Vrana was on the ice for 21 Caps shot attempts and just three Senator volleys for a tidy 87.5 CF% (while many of his teammates struggled in that metric, hence the high “relative” number).

In fact, set the minimum attempts to seven and Vrana has posted three of the top 10 games of the season.

Vrana hasn’t scored a goal since mid-December, and even his assists have been a bit too few and far between. But as one of the Caps’ two best possession forwards (Andre Burakovsky being the other), he should absolutely get a sweater every single night - the Caps are a better team with him in the lineup... and on the ice.