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The Noon Number: Mutually Assured Production

A look at how some old friends have fared when lined up together

Washington Capitals v New Jersey Devils Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

72.5 - Percentage of T.J. Oshie’s points earned when either Nicklas Backstrom or Alex Ovechkin also earned a point on the same play, dating back to Oshie’s arrival in DC to start the 2015-16 season.

Since joining the Caps, Oshie has scored 131 points (70 goals, 61 assists) - 95 times Ovechkin and/or Backstrom either scored or assisted on the same play, and 63 of Oshie’s 87 even-strength points were earned in conjunction with the team’s top duo.

Breaking it down further, 30 of Oshie’s 44 even-strength goals - and 49 of his 70 overall - were set up by either Ovechkin or Backstrom (or both). He’s repaid the favor on 35 Backstrom or Ovechkin goals, and the trio has combined for 28 goals overall (i.e. all three picked up a point on a scoring play).