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Tuesday Caps Clips: Acey Deucey

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Shattenkirk potted the timeliest of timely goals, but Crosby got hurt, Nisky got the gate and more.

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Washington Capitals v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Three Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Six things we were talking about when we were talking about the Caps. [morning, afternoon]
  • Recaps and other assorted musings on a Game Three overtime victory from us, Vogs (plus game notes), Monumental video (Trotz, Sullivan, locker room), ALL CAPS,, WaPo (gamer, best & worst), CSNMA (gamer, 3 observations), PHT, USA Today, Frankovic, NoVa Caps (gamer, stats/analysis), RMNB, Post-Gazette (gamer, grades), Tribune-Review (gamer, photos), and Pensburgh.
  • There was a lot going on in this game, so let’s start out with the best part - Kevin Shattenkirk’s OT gamewinner!!!! [Puck Daddy, CSNMA, RMNB]
  • Wait, the Caps lost a lead late and managed to persevere in overtime? That never happens. Not for the Caps (and their fans). But it did. Though we ought to double or triple check, because that never happens. [WaPo (Steinberg)]
  • “For subscribers to the ‘This is finally the Capitals' year’ theory, a case study.” [Sporting News]
  • But before there was overtime there was the first period and a play that changed the course of the game - and possibly the series. A play that involved Alex Ovechkin, Matt Niskanen, Sidney Crosby, a couple of cross-checks, the Penguins’ captain leaving the game with injury and a five-minute major and game misconduct for the Caps’ number-one D-man:
  • First, the play. [PHT, RMNB,]
  • Crosby went down, stayed down, and by the time the trainers escorted him off the ice and out of the game, Matt Niskanen had been assessed a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct. [USA Today, WaPo,
  • Niskanen spoke with the press afterwards. “It wasn’t intentional.” [CSNMA, USA Today, theScore]
  • Oh, but it was, according to Pittsburgh columnist Rob Rossi. Intentional and indeed planned well in advance. And if anyone’s taking the fall for this, it’s gotta be Alex Ovechkin. [Upgruv (via]
  • Oh no you didn’t, sez head coach Barry Trotz. Mr. Rossi you can take your taeks and stick ‘em where the sun don’t shine, son. [CSNMA, WaPo (Steinberg), theScore, NoVa Caps]
  • Oh he for sure went there, say the folks who have to read his work on the regular; let us point and laugh. [Pensburgh]
  • But after the fingers cease their pointing, what next for the Penguins and their leader and best player? This injury pretty much changes everything. [WaPo, PHT, Sportsnet, Pens Initiative, Trib-Review, ESPN]
  • The South Carolina Stingrays prevailed in double overtime to take a 2-1 series lead over the Florida Everblades. [Caps Outsider]
  • Posted just for the photo caption: “Thomas Di Pauli carries his gear during cleanout day Monday at Coal Street.” [Times-Tribune]
  • Finally, wishing Brett Connolly a happy 25th birthday, and a happy 38th birthday to the speedy Ice Cheetah.
  • One more - They’ve announced the date and time for Game Five. [Caps]