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The Noon Number: Four Play

A look at how the Caps have done when facing opponents four on four this year

Columbus Blue Jackets v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

0 - Number of goals scored by the Capitals this season when skating four on four. They are one of just two teams to not yet have a single four-on-four goal, the Hurricanes being the other; however, the Caps have played just under 84 minutes at four a side, sixth-most in the League, compared to the ‘Canes 57.8 minutes.

Opponents have outscored the Caps 4-0 when even up at four, giving the Caps the second-worst goal differential at four on four (tied with Dallas); only St. Louis is worse at -6 (one goal for, seven against). It’s not even just a lack of goals - the Caps have struggled to generate much in the way of an attack in four-on-four situations, with a CF% a hair under 50% and just four scoring chances (compared to nine against)*.

* Stats per