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Wednesday Caps Clips: Round 2, Game 4 Game Day

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Previews of Game 4, updates on Letang's suspension and Johansson's injury, and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Kris Letang was suspended for tonight's game after his hit on Marcus Johansson Monday night. [RinkPuck DaddyTHWThe ScoreAPAFP, WaPo, WashTimesCSNMAPost-Gazette (and again), Tribune-ReviewRMNBNoVa Caps, and Pensburgh]
    • Letang was one of a couple of things we were talking about yesterday. [Rink]
    • A lot of people are talking about the influence of injury on League-mandated suspensions, and why that perhaps shouldn't carry as much weight. [WaPo (and again)]
    • As for the consistency of those League-mandated suspensions, well... [RMNBStarsandSticks]
  • Caps fans are known for their conspiracy theories and insecurities about perceived League bias. Guess what? Their hired mouthpieces don't help. [RMNB]
  • On the bright side, your Craig "Locker" Laughlin Drinking Game is here! [NYC Caps Crew]
  • Previews of Game 4 from VogsNHL.comAPFiCP, and as always, the good people of Pensburgh have the bad side covered.
    • The absence of Letang is a big one for a team with an already battered and bruised blueline... [NHL.comWaPo (and again), CSNMA]
    • ...that said, the Caps aren't exactly expecting the team to stop being a tough opponent because of it. []
  • They may be down 2-1 in the series, but the Caps aren't even close to out of it and can get back into it by doing what comes naturally. [ESPN]
  • They're actually feeling pretty good about their play right now, even with Monday night's loss. [Tribune-Review]
  • A series that was supposed to showcase some of the most skilled and entertaining players in the League has devolved into a battle of cheap shots and dirty hits. [WaPoTribune-Review]
  • But hey, at least the discourse surrounding it has been civil. Er... [WaPo]
  • You be the judge on whether a guy stating that, in another era, he'd drop the gloves with Letang means the series is off the rails. [Sporting News]
  • In fact, that Tom Wilson is saying he can't seek retribution is part of a team-wide focus to avoid further playoff retaliation. [WashTimes]
  • The focus instead is on "pounding the rock", aka carrying over the momentum from a strong game Monday night. [CSNMA]
  • Alex Ovechkin is imposing his will on the Penguins, and his team is following his lead. [NHL.comCSNMA (and again)]
  • He's also very close to a breakout game. [StarsandSticks]
  • A few leftovers from Game 3. [Dump 'n ChaseTribune-DemocratPost-Gazette (and again), Pensblog]
    • What worked, what didn't. [RinkPeerless]
    • Their dominant performance helped the Caps make a little bit of recent history. [Rink]
    • Five other stats to help understand the loss. [CSNMA]
    • A tale of two passes, including the one that ended up leading to the game-winning goal. [RMNBPensburgh]
    • Rank 'em! [Rink]
  • This team has been searching for the key to playoff success for years; perhaps it can be found in front of the net. [WashTimes]
  • News and notes from yesterday's practice:
  • Murray has been good, but he's beatable. [WaPo]
  • It's been a long, painful, horrible, heartbreaking, disappointing history for the Caps against these Penguins. Y'know, in case you forgot. [BlueJackets Xtra]
  • It hasn't been clicking much of late, but the Caps still have a lethal power play. [TSN]
  • Yeah... yeah, we want to see him win a Cup, too. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bears get their series against the (baby) Penguins underway tonight; check out the comprehensive preview from our Pensburgh pals. [Pensburgh]
  • The Stingrays find themselves in a similar situation to the Caps after falling behind 2-1 in their series with Adirondack. [Caps Outsider]