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The Narrative: Letang/Johansson, Territorial Dominance and Ovechkin

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Three things we're talking about today when we're talking about the Caps

Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

1. If it's a day ending in the letter "y", we must be discussing a(t least one) controversial hit, and this time it's a Penguin under the microscope. Kris Letang, come on down...

What say you, Caps?

Court of public opinion?

How about you, Mike Sullivan?

But wait, you just said...

To be clear, Brooks Orpik's hit on Olli Maatta was worse than Letang's hit here - it was later, and made more clear contact with the head. But any reasonable observer would classify both as the type that "everyone wants out of the game."

Which brings us to Barry Trotz and the not-even-close-to-last-word on this, from hours before the game:

Your move, NHL.

That's a good start...


2. May in the NHL is hardly the time of year for moral victories. But the Caps have to be encouraged by the way they dominated last night's game, territorially, despite the disappointing result:

You can see why the Caps can't wait to get back out there for Game 4, and probably would've played it last night, if given the option:

And if it all feels a bit too familiar, well...


3. Yesterday's Narrative contained a bullet about Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby being relatively quiet so far in the series. That changed last night for one of them:

But when you manufacture hype, sometimes even that isn't enough... apparently:

Three points on the Caps' seven goals and non-stop physical engagement. Ain't nothin' "quiet" about that.