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Tom Wilson Fined for Kneeing Incident

Wilson's wallet is a bit lighter today...

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Per the NHL Department of Player Safety, Tom Wilson has been fined $2,403.67 for his knee-on-knee hit on Conor Sheary last night, the highest amount allowed under the CBA.

Let's go to the videotape (and for more on the hit and aftermath, check out today's Narrative):

No penalty was awarded on the play, and Sheary escaped injury, which is probably why this didn't result in a harsher punishment. That said, as we noted earlier today, this isn't a hit that anyone should want in the game - it's dangerous, regardless of intent (and you can make your own decisions about what that was).

For all the talk of his reputation, of course, kneeing hasn't generally been Wilson's MO... here's hoping it doesn't become part of a repertoire that already dances along the line of legal and illegal.