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The Narrative: Oshie, Wilson and Orlov

Three things we're talking about today when we're talking about the Caps

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1. T.J. Oshie is the toast of the town today after last night's game-winning hat trick goal:

Basically, he did on the ice what his daughter had done hours earlier...


2. You never like to see a knee-on-knee hit in these Caps-Pens games, especially one against a top-line player that goes unpenalized, but that's exactly what happened last night:

Oops! Wrong clip. Here we go:

That's a bad hit by Tom Wilson, full stop. The League should take a look at it and decide whether or not it's worth supplementary discipline based upon their established precedents and whatnot. Fortunately, Conor Sheary was okay (which will work in Wilson's favor because the NHL isn't serious about getting bad hits out of the game).

As for Wilson, after spending last spring in the Islanders' collective heads and the first round in the Flyers', he's well on his way to doing likewise to the Pens this round:

Rightly or wrongly (probably the latter), you can bet there are those on the Western Pennsylvania side of this series already wondering if the Pens are "tough enough." And the more they're focused on that stuff, the less they're focused on hockey.


3. Dmitry Orlov skated exactly one shift in the 38:53 of hockey that followed this goat rodeo:

It looks like Orlov was already beaten when Nate Schmidt inexplicably clipped him, but that contact certainly didn't help any chance Orlov had at recovering and making a play. Regardless, we've talked about risk/reward on Orlov plenty, and Barry Trotz has been pretty patient with him. But that patience has to be nearing an end, and the supposed depth of the Caps' defense doesn't help all that much if you're playing half the game and overtime with five guys. Trotz needs to trust and play Orlov (he should), or dress someone with whom he's more comfortable (a worse decision).