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Sunday Snow Clips: And So We Wait

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: A second straight game gets postponed, the boys get a snow day, and more.

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Your savory, toasty-warm breakfast links:

  • Add today's game against the Penguins to those the Caps need to make up, as it becomes the second-straight game to be postponed due to snow. [CapsNHL.comPuck DaddyWaPoCSNMA]
  • If you think this stinks for us, imagine flying over 4000 miles to see two Caps games and having them both get postponed. Awful. [WaPo]
  • So when will the games be made up? [CSNMA]
  • Turns out the Caps spent their unplanned day off playing in the snow and/or clearing it away, just like everyone else. [Hockey RamblingsFriends in Cold PlacesRMNB]
  • There may not be a game today, but there are plenty of other hockey-related things with which to occupy your time. [Friends in Cold Places]
  • Caps' prospect Kevin Elgestal continues to move forward in his development over in Sweden. [NoVa Caps]
  • Chatting with - and about - the soon-to-be newest Caps' Iron Man. [WaPoCSNMA]
  • Take a lesson from Braden Holtby and his early exit from the game against the Rangers: hydration is important, kids. [InGoalMag]
  • Revisiting the top-ranked offseason moves with more than half of the season in the rearview mirror. [BR]
  • Finally, happy 67th birthday to Guy Charron, happy 43rd birthday to Chris and Peter Ferraro, happy 46th birthday to Jim Mathieson, and happy 30th to Jack Hillen.