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Tuesday Caps Clips: Game Seven Guarantedium

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Alex Ovechkin gives the media the fodder they crave, and everyone looks back at Game Six and forward to yet another Game Seven.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Was it actually warm in D.C. yesterday, or was that just residual heat emanating from the hot takes surrounding the Caps captain's belief in his team? [Puck DaddyTHNCSNW (video), ESPNRMNB]
    • His coach, unsurprisingly, has his back. [WaPoNHL.comCSNW]
    • The opposing coach, unsurprisingly, largely ignored the innocuous comment. [WaPoNHL.comNYDN]
  • But wait! Alex Ovechkin isn't the only Russian Cap who has the audacity to have confidence in his teammates. Get to ridiculing Evgeny Kuznetsov, mainstream media! [The ScorePHTRMNB]
  • Notes from an off-day:
    • In general. [Monumental video (Trotz)]
    • Nate Schmidt has been recalled from Hershey. [WaPoCSNWRMNB]
    • Another slow start might lead to a fast finish to the season for the Caps. [WaPoPuckBuddys]
    • The Caps can build on the way the ended Game Six, though they may want to up the effort before they find themselves down three goals. [WaPo]
    • O Captains! Our captains! [NY Post]
    • Remember that whole "top-rated power play" thing? Good times, good times. [WaPo]
    • Looking ahead to Game Seven because of course Game Seven. [ (and again), GrantlandRink]
    • Huge key to Game Seven: each team's forecheck. []
    • And how about seven match-ups to watch, for good measure. []
    • History is history... [WaPoDC Sports BogCSNWPHT]
    • ... and the Rangers are trying to make some. [NYDN]
    • The Caps are "excited" for Game Seven, which is not nearly as awesome as being bored with nothing to do on Wednesday night would've been. [CSNW]
    • Is there a reason there are two days off before Game Seven instead of the usual one? You Bette! [NY PostSI]
    • Chris Kreider is into bestiality. Or something. Dunno, just skimmed the title. [Blue Seats Blog]
    • Legacies hang in the balance. Legacies! [NYPost]
    • Mr. Tony is polishing up his c-word and getting it ready for action. [WaPo]
  • Leftovers from Game Six:
  • Apparently the NHLPA is concerned about "the lack of goal-scoring" (presumably because goals put butts in seats and get players paid). [Puck DaddyPHT]
  • Jakub Vrana and Madison Bowey enter the Hockey's Future Top Prospects countdown in the 21-30 dectet. [HF]
  • Speaking of Vrana, fewer than 1,000 people attended Sunday night's basically-neutral-site game. [Patriot-News and more]
  • The Bears, by the way, are now tied 2-2 in their second-round series with Hartford. [Patriot-News]
  • D.C. Sports Synergy, starring Bryce Harper. [DC Sports Bog]
  • Finally, happy 56th birthday to former Cap (and Miracle-on-IcerDave Christian.