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The Noon Number: Primary Colors

A look at goals and the assists that lead directly to them

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

64 - Primary points - goals and primary assists - for Alex Ovechkin on the season, most in the NHL... by a lot. Ovechkin was overtaken by John Tavares for the League lead in scoring over the weekend, but Tavares has 16 secondary assists while Ovechkin only has five (per war-on-ice), giving Ovechkin a comfortable lead over Tavares (55 primary points) and the rest of the field (Tyler Seguin and Steven Stamkos are actually second with 56 primary points).

And because you're curious, Nicklas Backstrom leads the League with 26 secondary assists (tied with Rangers defenseman Keith Yandle).

For a graphical look at how Ovechkin has separated himself from his competition here, this via war-on-ice (and note the different scales on the x- and y-axes):


(H/t SkylerGilbert on the initial inspiration)