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The Noon Number: All Four One and One Four All

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A look at the Caps' success when playing even-strength down a man

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

8 - Number of four-on-four goals the Caps have scored, second-most in the League (tied with tonight's opponent, Winnipeg, as well as Anaheim and Vancouver), a whopping four beind Calgary.

The Caps have the League's seventh-best four-on-four Corsi-For percentage (55.9; Pittsburgh is tops at 65.2), third-best Goals-For percentage (80%; Columbus is at 100% with three goals-for), and have played the second-most minutes at four-a-side (129.4; Florida has played 133.6 minutes and, amazingly, hasn't yet scored a four-on-four goal this season).

All numbers via war-on-ice.

Update: Hockey-Analysis has the Caps with nine four-on-four goals and the most four-on-four minutes (as well as other discrepancies). Their goal count appears to be correct, but the underlying points here remain - the Caps have been good in these situations.