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Capitals Unveil 2015 Winter Classic Uniforms

With an opponent and a venue, the only thing that remains is to find out what the most stylish hockey players will be wearing on January 1...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Gathering at Nats Park, the site of the 2015 Winter Classic, the Caps have unveiled their jerseys for their outdoor battle against the Blackhawks on January 1. Drum roll please...

Via the Caps, with some familiar models...

While their last Winter Classic threads were more of a throwback to Caps' history, these take a step in another direction, embracing the history of the team whose stadium will play host to the game. A fitting tribute, given the long and proud tradition of baseball in the District (and a nice nod to the upcoming tenth anniversary of baseball's return on September 29).

The team, in conjunction with the League, also unveiled the logo for the game as well as the setup for the rink*:



The view from the Red Porch


The view from the Club level

*All pics via intrepid reporter/wandering photographer Brendan... be sure to check out the Capitals Hill Twitter feed for more.

The Caps provided a closer look at the field: