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Monday Caps Clips

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Get well soon, captain, and the latest on the Hunt for Red GM.

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Your oh-so-unsavory breakfast links:

  • The Injury:
    • Alex Ovechkin sustained an apparent knee injury in the third period of Russia-Germany. [NHL.comWaPo]
    • He was taken to hospital by ambulance for evaluation amidst quite a bit of drama. []
    • At hospital he underwent an MRI and was subsequently discharged and given the green light to return to the team in their hotel... [@SlavaMalmud]
    • ... in which he was observed walking with perhaps a bit of a limp and no crutches. [@plysenkov, RMNB]
    • Here's some good news: AO8's thumb is AOK. [a0gr8, PHT]
    • And team doctor Valery Konov has ruled out Ovi's participation in the final preliminary game against host Belarus. []
  • The Press Releases:
  • The Commentary:
    • A question for Coach Znarok - why did you have Ovi on the right wing for this game? []
    • And just as he was getting praise for his poise, maturity, and dedication to team play. Sigh. []
    • A price too dear. []
    • No coach, no GM, and maybe now Novechkin. Egad. [Forbes]
  • Speaking of GMs, the list of candidates either seems to be taking shape or the hockey press is straight trolling the hockeysphere. [Globe & Mail, CBC, RMNB, CSNW]
  • And speaking of Ovechkin, here's his year in review. [Peerless]
  • Yours too, Brooksie. [Peerless]
  • Philipp Grubauer's strong play in goal against Russia won him GER "Man of the Match" recognition, and a bit of griping from the German hockey press about playing other goalies ahead of him. [].
  • Finally, wishing Evgeny Kuznetsov a very happy 22nd birthday. Go get 'em, Zhenya (and be sure to come back at noon for his Rink Wrap).