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The Noon Number: Cruel Winter

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A look at how the Capitals have fared since the weather got cold

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

12 - Number of wins the Capitals have since their improbable December 15 win over the Flyers, the second-fewest wins in the League over that span (more on that in a moment). That win pushed the Caps' record to 18-12-3, the high-water mark for the season in terms of points percentage (a 96.9-point pace). And the one team with fewer wins since that mid-December date? Tonight's opponent, the Vancouver Canucks, who have won just ten games in that stretch (by contrast, four teams - Boston and St. Louis (23 wins each), Colorado and San Jose (22) - have won as many games as the Caps and Canucks combined during this time).

But wait, there's less!

Since the Caps were in first place following their November 17 win over the Blues (they were 12-8-1), they have just 18 wins, fourth-fewest in the League over that span - only the Islanders and Coyotes (17) and Sabres (14) have won fewer games.