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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Jets, February 6, 2014

29 shots of the Caps shooting down the Jets

Shot 1: Welcome to the NHL, Julien Brouillette.

Shot 2:
Real American Hero John Carlson and the Secretary of State, John Kerry. Oh, and Blake Wheeler, too.

Shot 3: Perhaps the oddest, yet respectable, pregame ceremony I've witnessed in person.

Shot 5: Does it look Patrick Wey knows Dustin Byfuglien is behind him?

Shot 8: Braden Holtby holds it.

Shot 10: Troy Brouwer smiling, Byfuglien fuming.

Shot 11: The new guys making trouble for Jacob Trouba.

Shot 13: Byfuglien giving Wey the evil eye stare.

Shot 14: Nicklas Backstrom, look at him standing there on his hind legs like a Rory Calhoun.

Shot 21: Here,a Backstrom leg is in the air.

Shot 22: Who doesn't enjoy an Alex Ovechkin goal celebration?

Shot 23: The Winnipeg Jets, maybe?

Shot 27: And if Ovie won't jump the glass, Brouwer will.