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Wednesday Caps Clips: Time to Move On

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Caps gear up for the stretch run as their Olympians return, Backstrom and Ovechkin speak and more.

Patrick McDermott

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The Olympic dream was more like an Olympic nightmare for the Caps who headed to Sochi. [Rink]
  • Now that the Olympics are over, though, it's time to put the last two weeks in the rearview mirror and focus on the road that lies ahead for the Caps. [Dump 'n Chase]
  • News and notes from an (almost) full team practice out at Kettler yesterday:
  • Ovechkin is always one to watch, but he's one of fourteen to keep an extra close eye on down the stretch. []
  • And down the stretch will be all uphill for the Caps, who have a tough road ahead of them. [RtRDSP]
  • Jamie Sabau/NHLI via Getty Images
  • More on Backstrom:
    • A timeline of the events of last Sunday as they unfolded for Backstrom and Team Sweden. [Expressen]
    • Meanwhile back in Sweden, the team's doctor is blaming himself and may be stepping down, while the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation chair places the blame on Backstrom. [DN.seGP.seSvenska DagbladetAftonbladet]
    • Swedish GM Tommy Boustedt continues his anti-IOC rampage, and wants an apology. [DN.seAftonbladet]
    • The IOC is attempting to close the book on things after Backstrom's B-sample (taken the same day as the initial positive test) came back positive. [DN.seAftonbladet]
    • But questions remain about how they handled the situation, particularly after allowing a second test in a similar situation four years ago with Lubomir Visnovsky. []
    • So what exactly is the difference between the allowed dosage of pseudophedrine and the amount found in Backstrom's sample? [Aftonbladet]
    • Pseudophedrine is a pretty commonly-used drug in hockey locker rooms. [BHSSvenska DagbladetExpressen]
    • Swedes on bikes. [RMNB]
  • Taking a look at the race within the Metropolitan Division. [Blue Jackets]
  • Hey, that's right, the trade deadline is coming up! Take a look at the top 25 trade targets as the clock starts to wind down... [ESPN ($)]
  • ...and the perfect deadline fix for every team in the Metropolitan Division. [ESPN ($)]
  • The "Ryan Miller to the Caps" rumor just will not die, but looking at every single Caps even-strength goal-against this year (!) shows why that would be a silly move. [F Street Faithful]
  • A final assessment of USA hockey - men and women - at the Olympics. To summarize: pbbbbtttthhhhh. [USoH]
  • Oh, good, Patrick Roy is still talking about Ovechkin "disappearing" in the Olympics. [WaPo]
  • Nothing like flipping through old Caps' media guides for some rare finds. Horrible hairdos, tight turtlenecks and the jorts... oh the jorts! [WaPo]
  • Check this list and make sure you're following the most prominent, intelligent, brilliant people in the hockey Twitterverse...sure, low bar, but we cleared it with millimeters to spare! [Sporting News]
  • Local reporter goes out to talk to people of the DC area about a sad story. Finds Karl Alzner. Apparently doesn't know who Karl Alzner is. Hockeytown!!1 [WaPo]
  • Finally, happy 62nd birthday to Larry Bolonchuk.