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The Noon Number: P.K. Subpar

A look at the Caps' (very) recent (very significant) penalty killing struggles

Yeah, that went in
Yeah, that went in
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

659 - Number of regular season games the Capitals had played without giving up three or more power-play goals in consecutive games prior to last night (when they gave up three on the heels of surrendering a trio of man-up tallies in Toronto on Saturday night).

The last time the Caps hit that sort of two-game penalty-killing skid was March 22 and 23, 2006, when they gave up three apiece on back-to-back nights in Florida at the tail end of an eight-game losing streak (that's also the last time they allowed six or more power-play goals-against, total, over a two-game span, and that was in 15 times shorthanded, as opposed to the eight they've faced in the last two games). Interestingly, they managed to give up three or more power-play goals in back-to-back games four times during that 2005-06 season, and those are the only four such pairs since they March of 2004 (when they allowed three in four-straight)... until last night.