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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Flames, November 4, 2014

Some good things happened on the way to the Capitals loss to the Flames. Here some photos.

Shot 2: The Calgary Flames get the first.

Shot 3: The Washington Capitals get the second.

Shot 4: Which also happened to be Alex Ovechkin's 827th point as a Capital, passing Peter Bondra as the Capitals all time point leader.

Shot 6: Michael Latta used his face to disconnect Josh Jooris from his stick.

Shot 8: Not the same shot as Shot 37

Shot 9:
Is it in the CBA that Alex Ovechkin has to take a shot from midair at least once every other game?

Shot 14: the Deryk Engelland and Liam O'Brien fight was all about machine gun punches.

Shot 18: Marcus Johansson has all the angles when it comes to shooting pool.

Shot 22: Curtis Glencross grabs and throws Ovechkin to the ice…

Shot 24: …and wonders why that gets him a penalty.

Shot 26: The Washington Capitals get a lengthy five on three power play. What could go wrong?

Shot 28: In this case, nothing!

Shot 31: Tom Wilson drawing the hooking call against Brandon Bollig was pretty masterful.

Shot 32: Bollig seemed to think so, too.

Shot 35: 40. Because 40 years.

Shot 37: Not the same shot as Shot 8.

Shot 39: John Carlson came close.

Shot 41: Alex Ovechkin. The shot blocking machine.

Shot 42: Because every now and then, you can beat Dennis Wideman at his game.

Shot 44: Tom Wilson came close too.

Shot 45: And like the rule about Ovechkin shooting from midair once every other game, he must also lose the puck right before a shot once every other game, too.

Shot 47: Flames get the last.