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Tuesday Caps Clips: Blue Jackets @ Capitals Game Day

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Previews of Caps/Jackets, Wilson and Laich non-update updates, Kuznetsov the center, Beagle the first-liner (f'real) and more.

Patrick Smith

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The Caps took five of the six points that were on the table last week, but did the individual efforts reflect those strong results? [Rink]
  • Previews of tonight's joust with the Jackets from VogsCaps and Peerless, and be sure to check out our SB Nation buds over at The Cannon for the other side of tonight's match-up.
    • FYI for those of you going to the game - expect a lot of people downtown. [NBC4]
  • News and notes from yesterday out at Kettler:
    • In general. (Spoiler alert: Tom Wilson and Brooks Laich are questionable for tonight's game.) [Monumental video (TrotzOvechkinChimeraFehr), WaPo]
    • Evgeny Kuznetsov is staying at center (which, for now, means he'll be on the fourth line, apparently) and Jay Beagle has taken the elevator to the penthouse (which, for now, means he'll be on the top line, apparently). [WaPoCSNW and again, and for more on Kuznetsov, RMNB has a new translation]
    • Barry Trotz once had hair, liked Metallica. [CSNWDC Sports Bog]
    • Jack Hillen is just waiting for his turn. And waiting. And waiting. [WaPo]
  • Needless to say (you'd think, and you'd be wrong), Jay Beagle doesn't belong on the top line. [Stars and Sticks]
  • The penalty kill is good and can get better. [RMNB (and here's our take from last week on one personnel-related way it can improve)]
  • Mitch Korn is reminiscent of a certain short, green, 900-year-old. [Puck Daddy]
    • Ever use a laser pointer to drive your cat insane? That's basically Korn with his goalies. [SB Nation]
  • Eric Fehr did a radio hit with Chad Dukes yesterday afternoon. [106.7 The Fan (audio)]
  • Yes, you know everything... or do you? [Rink]
  • Power rankings: git some. [The ScoreESPNTHNSB NationDSP]
  • Apparently the Caps and Joel Ward haven't had talks about a contract extension. Yet. [TFP]
  • A rising tide lifts all ships. What about a stagnant tide? [SI.comTHN]
  • A couple of Bears who saw more than their fair share of action in D.C. last season had a good week down a level. [Patriot-News]
  • Watch out, Hershey, here comes Big Mike. [Patriot-News]
  • Mini not-LEGO Braden Holtby is kinda neat. [Caps Outsider]
  • Dudes, you missed an easy Nathan Walker joke. [PensBurgh]
  • Happy 42nd birthday to Steve Konowalchuk...
  • ... and a heart-felt thank you on this Veteran's Day to everyone who has honorably served this country and protected our freedoms to do silly things like writing hockey blogs.
  • Finally, did someone say Goalie Yoda Mitch Korn?