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Saturday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Checking in at Kettler as rooke camp continues, Alex Ovechkin turns off the light, and more.


Your savory breakfast links:

  • Coming up on the end of our All-Time Caps Team Tournament and just two remain. Cast your vote for the one who will remain standing when all is pretend said and done. [Rink]
  • Rookies, rookies, everywhere...
    • A meeting of the minds at center ice, as Day 3 wraps up. [Caps OT]
    • Adam Oates and Garrett Haar chat about Rookie Camp. [Monumental (Oates, Garrett Haar)]
    • OHLer and Caps' prospect Connor Carrick is looking like anything but an OHLer to Oates. [WaPo]
    • Where do the Caps' rookies come from? See, I always heard they were brought by the stork. [Caps Outsider]
    • One of them comes from down under, as Australian Nathan Walker is hoping to become the first from his country to play in the NHL... [Caps OT]
    • ...while big Tom Wilson is ready to make a big impression on the Caps over the next few weeks. [CSNW]
  • Evgeny Kuznetsov played about 30 seconds in a game before leaving with a shoulder injury. See, KHL, this is why you can't have nice things. [RMNB]
  • The players are actually looking forward to realignment... []
  • ...even if it means rejuvenating everyone's favorite tale, the ongoing saga of Sid vs. Ovi. Whee. [TSN (video)]
  • You may have heard that Mikhail Grabovski's fancy stats weren't so fancy last season... was it because of the Maple Leafs' success? (Playing fast and loose with the term "success"...) [HockeyAnalysis]
  • Ranking goalies while shorthanded since the 2005-06 season... [Copper & Blue]
  • ...and ranking them overall for fantasy hockey purposes. []
  • Speaking of rankings, one of the Caps' Swedes checks in on this list of the top 25 Swedish hockey players in the world. Hint: it's one of the ones with a signed contract. [Too Many Men]
  • Tracking the WOWY of Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom since Backstrom joined the League in 2007. Wowee. (...sorry, had to be done.) [RLS]
  • Predictions and prognostications for the upcoming 2013-14 season, starting with the division that will play most of its games while all of us are asleep - the Pacific. [GM on a Couch]
  • Speaking of Alex Ovechkin, that slapshot of his has been known to take down defensemen and nesting dolls filled with dressing. Next up on the hit list: light fixtures. You break it, you bought it, Ovi. [Monumental, WaPo]
  • Hey, if any teams out there are looking for a penalty-killing Princeton grad with ties to the DC area, we know of a pretty good one who might be available. [WaPo]
  • A couple of local teams will be taking on some former Caps tonight to raise money for charity - come on out to Kettler for some hockey and good karma, won't you? [CSNW]
  • Finally, happy 28th birthday to Eric Fehr and happy (we suppose) 35th to Matt Cooke.