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Thursday Caps Clips: Caps @ Lightning Game Day

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Previews of tonight's game, leftover reflections on Tuesday night's win and more.


Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's battle with the Bolts from Vogs,, Peerless and RtR, and be sure to check out our SB Nation pals over at Raw Charge for more from the other side of tonight's match-up.
  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice down in Tampa:
  • Winning ugly is nice in the moment, but leaves more lingering concerns than winning pretty does. [WashTimes]
  • Some leftovers and day-after analyses of the Caps' Tuesday night comeback win. [WashTimes, WaPo, DCEx, CSNW, Homer McFanboy, THW, Caps Daily]
  • As you've probably already heard, the arithmetic is already getting rather unfavorable for the Caps' post-season aspirations. [WaPo]
  • Caps leading goal-scorer Troy Brouwer did a hit with LaVar and Dukes yesterday afternoon. [106.7 The Fan (audio)]
  • Three cheers for Matt Hendricks and his newly-broken nose. [CSNW, RMNB]
  • And speaking of things that probably need realigning, the NHL! [CSNW]
  • The Caps have spent much more time on the penalty kill than on the power play. One solution? Stop scoring early in PPs. Wait, no. Allow opponents to score sooner. No, that's not it either... [Sick, Unbelievable]
  • Bandwagonners? We prefer "discerning consumers willing to hold our entertainment providers accountable," thank you very little. [DCEx]
  • The Fan Cost Index™ of attending a Caps game is up 19.3%, which is the third-largest increase in the NHL behind the Kings and Sabres. One of those teams has an easier job selling that bump to its fans than the other two. [The Fan Cost Experience]
  • If you're dreaming of a Caps lottery win and the team selecting a blueliner with that top pick, they've been there and done that. [SI]
  • The Nylander circle of hockey life would now seem to be complete. [SI, RMNB]
  • Fire up the Wayback Machine for a look at Joe B. and Locker talking about a certain Caps center. [Sick, Unbelievable]
  • Congrats and good luck in retirement, Andrew Brunette. [Wild]
  • Finally, happy 38th birthday to Viktor Kozlov, happy 46th to assistant coach Calle Johansson, and happy This Former Cap Day.