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Capitals in Motion: Shootouts, Saves and Sneaky Swedes

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from Grubauer's grace under pressure to Swedish slight-of-hand and everything in between.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to this week's crop of GIFs, it's time to reveal last week's winner - and leading the way, fittingly, is the man who leads the way almost every night. Here's Alex Ovechkin showing off his swimtastic celebration:


Accidental or not, that's just a great one in what has become a long line of memorable celebrations for #8.

So what do we have in store for you this week? Just another assortment of fine Caps' moments worth watching on an endless loop, of course. To kick it all off, let's head to Sunrise, Florida, where rookie netminder Philipp Grubauer offers up significant proof that he is, in fact, made of rubber bands:



From ow to wow, back to that guy with the big '8' on his back and his now-famous celebrations. Last time he tied the game for the Caps in the game's final minute, he went for a swim (and won your votes, to boot); how does Sunday's repeat performance and impromptu running man stack up?


The goal, the run, the impending hug, the joy... it's just all so very good.

We've noted in the past just how entertaining it can be to see the usually reserved Adam Oates lose his cool, even a little bit, behind the Caps' bench. Sometimes, however, it's entertaining to see him have not so much lose his cool, but have just a completely human moment:


Seriously, look at the score. Look at his reaction. Recall the game. Now tell me this isn't just a mirror image of all of us Tuesday night.

Oh, but it's not all bad - because with another week comes another "did he just do that??" moment from Nicklas Backstrom. It's not the typical beautiful play we're used to seeing from him, but the fact that this isn't a picture perfect moment is almost part of the charm of this shootout move:


For a moment it looks like this is going to be a blown chance, between the slight bobble on the stickhandling and the attempted poke-check by Scott Clemmensen... and yet at the last minute he saves it and puts the puck home. Oh, and hops over the goalie's stick without missing a beat, just because.

From one awesome Swede to another... here's Marcus Johansson with a little slight-of-hand to put the Caps up by one. How slight? Well, it took the League a couple of tries to even credit it correctly. And if multiple cameras and multiple sets of eyes can take that long to pick up on the puck, what chance did Steve Mason have on the play?


The answer? None. Pretty sweet pass by Ovechkin, as well.

And there you have it - the week's best GIFs for your pre-holiday enjoyment. So which one gets your vote?