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Capitals in Motion: GIFs of the Week 2

Looking back at the week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were

Those legs look familiar...
Those legs look familiar...
Photo by Clyde Caplan/

The votes are in, the people have spoken, and the best GIF from last week as voted by you is... wait for it...

Alex Ovechkin and his magical foot!


So here we are again - another Friday, another crop of GIFs for your end-of-week enjoyment. And while the week may not have provided much in the way of wins for the Caps, it certainly provided some GIF-worthy moments. If only those counted in the standings, right?

And away we go...

Adam Oates has cultivated a reputation of being a fairly calm, even-keeled guy behind the bench... so in the rare times that he does lose his cool a bit, it's worth a second look. And a third and a fourth and a fifth, for that matter.

Is it the (almost) incomprehensible mutterings being spewed as he stalks away from the official that makes this one special, or is it the buttoned-up three-piece suit that totally clashes with the almost crazed look on his face? Probably a little of both.

Either way, Oates angry. Oates SMASH.


...yeah, that is a scary, scary dude.

Next up, a moment of random kindness between two hockey colleagues. Just as a mother uses a spit-soaked tissue to wipe some schmutz from her child's face, this friendly Oiler has noticed that Alex Ovechkin has a little something on his face and is merely trying to help him remove it. All of it. Such a nice boy...


Okay, I think you got it. Moving on...

Braden Holtby is actually a pretty decent puck-moving goalie, as puck-moving goalies go. He's certainly better than a lot of the goalies this organization has seen in recent years - and make no mistake, dude is totally going to score a goal someday soon.

...let's just hope it's not on his own net.

But it's okay, because the good outweighs the bad on most nights, and this play didn't do anything other than take a few years off of our lives.


Which brings us to something that really needs no further lead-in other than to say this: Mike Green is a special, special panda. Bless his klutzy little heart.


And there you have it. What's your pick this week?

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