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Tuesday Caps Clips: Ringing in the New Year

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: 2013 kicks off with a proposal from the NHL, a counter-proposal from the NHLPA, a marriage proposal from Alex Ovechkin and more.

Patrick McDermott

Your savory breakfast links:

  • It's game, set and match for Alex Ovechkin's swinging bachelorhood as he popped the question to Maria Kirilenko, his tennis-playing girlfriend of just over a year. Congrats, Ovi and Maria! [@ovi8, The Score, ESPN, Puck Daddy, Alex Ovetjkin,, TennisGrandstand, @Nike_Hockey]
  • On to another type of proposal, as the NHL and NHLPA met yesterday, discussed the NHL's current offer, discussed the NHLPA's counteroffer, and agreed to meet again today. Huzzah. [ESPN, CBC]
  • Another look at the very public face of the NHLPA's bargaining stance, Don Fehr. [Mercury News, Sportsnet]
  • Know what would be nice after all the ugliness of the lockout? Seeing the NHLers at the Olympics in Sochi. Or, y'know, a season. [THN]
  • Down on the farm, the Hershey Bears are beginning to get hot after a lukewarm start. [LDNews]
  • Speaking of the Bears, they wish you a very happy 2013 by way of some fireworks, a big ol' clock and another entry into the Ugly Jersey Hall of Fame. [@TheHersheyBears]
  • #10 on the list of players to watch at the World Juniors, #11 in the 2012 draft, #1 in our hearts. [SI]
  • A look back at the best goals of 2012 include a beauty from future Cap Mike Ribeiro. [Puck Daddy]
  • Introducing a new statistic (because gosh darn it if we can ever have enough of those) that tracks and measures passes. [Hockey Prospectus]
  • This year's Winter Classic has gone by the wayside, but you can keep the memory of past ones alive. Keep them alive!! [ESPN]