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Ask the Owner: Ted Leonsis Takes Your Questions

If you thought that shutting down his public email account would make Capitals owner Ted Leonsis somehow inaccessible, you don't know Ted Leonsis.

Since announcing a week ago that he'll no longer be fielding questions, complaints and everything else that found its way into his inbox, Leonsis has given an extensive and wide-ranging interview to Mike Wise that ran in last week's Washington Post and now is giving us (and our SB Nation partner Bullets Forever) the opportunity to throw some questions his way. Oh, and by "us," we mean all of us - if you've got questions, drop 'em in the comments or on Facebook, or tweet or email them to us. We'll be taking the ten best (in our estimation, and with a deadline of 8:00 this evening) and sending them along to be answered.

Let's try to keep the inquiries focused on the present and the future (if you still can't understand why the Caps traded Peter Bondra, we're not going to ask that question for you), and note that any CBA-related question will cost you $100,000 to have answered. Just kidding - no CBA questions.

Here's your chance to be heard, to be informed and to make the most of a unique opportunity. Let's hear what you've got.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, Leonsis is a "small angel investor" in SB Nation, the network that is home to this blog.