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Wednesday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes with the latest on the lockout and from Bears camp, as well as notes on all-time Caps blueliners, current prospects and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

● As we noted in our nifty "Caps During the Lockout" Story Stream yesterday, ESPN3 will be showing an Alex Ovechkin-heavy slate of KHL games, starting with Dynamo Moscow vs. Ak Bars today, supposedly. [Puck Daddy, WashTimes, Forbes, Alex Ovetjkin] UPDATE: Or not.

● There was some chatter going around yesterday about the (unlikely) possibility of the owners using replacement players at some point as this thing drags on, which has me ready to pull the trigger on a #16 Shane Falco Caps sweater. [Puck Daddy, SI, PHT]

● More of the latest news, non-news, opinion and assorted whatnot from Lockoutville. [Puck Daddy, CBC, ESPN, CSNW, NYT, Forbes, Down Goes Brown, NHL Numbers, SN, PHT]

Karl Alzner chats with Calgary sports radio about the Nats' Division title. Just kidding. Lockout talk. [SoundCloud via @BenRaby31]

● Somehow we'd miss this pretty great representation of the lockout. [OFB (h/t Puck Daddy)]

● In actual on-ice hockey news, Bears camp continues. [Caps365 video (Rinkside Update, Oates, French, Holtby), CSNW, Caps Outsider, Bears in Pics (Group A, Group B)]

● What does the near future hold for Marcus Johansson? [Peerless]

● Five seems like a perfect number when considering your favorite Caps blueliners of all-time, doesn't it? [Caps Outsider]

● Updating the progress of the prospects (most of whom found their way onto our Top-25 Under 25 list). [DC Pro Sports Report]

● I was asked and so I answered questions about Cody Eakin. [Defending Big D]

● Finally, happy 40th birthday to good ol' Michael Nylander.