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Wednesday Caps Clips: Go West Young Men (And Knuble)

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice:
    • In general. [Caps365 video (Kettler Report, Boudreau, Ovechkin, Collins), 106.7 The Fan (audio)]
    • Bruce Boudreau is doing his best to keep the team grounded by kicking their collective ass at practice. [CSNW (Gormley)]
    • Gabby also explained why they're heading out to Edmonton so early - it's because they're sick of their wives and kids. Kidding. I think. [CW (Whyno), with more on the trip at Dump 'N Chase]
    • Michal Neuvirth is ready to return to the lineup (and likely will Thursday against the Oil). [WashTimes (Whyno), CI (Carrera), DCEx (McNally)]
    • With Mike Green ailing a bit and the team traveling far from home... [CI (Carrera), DCEx (McNally), CW (Whyno), WTOP (Raby), CSNW (Gormley), SB Nation DC (Vingan)]
    • ... Sean Collins has been recalled. So what can the Caps expect from him this time around? [CW (Whyno), DCEx (McNally), CI (Carrera), KOL]
    • Catching up with Joel Ward. [Capitals Voice]
  • As we noted yesterday, commitment to a less-top-heavy distribution of ice time can only pay dividends in the long run. [WaPo (Carrera, with a nifty chart here)]
  • Two really good reads on the Caps' power-play success so far (and look for a third in this space later this morning). [Peerless, Insider2]
  • Brooks Laich did his weekly hit with The Sports Junkies, and, like the rest of us, is a little bit in awe of his new goaltender. [106.7 The Fan, SB Nation DC (Prada)]
  • The Caps are making winning look easy, but guess what - it isn't. [AP (White)]
  • Further to that last point, there isn't much money to be made betting on the Caps to lose their next game, but if they can come home unbeaten, there's real value on the board. Just sayin'. [Backhand Shelf]
  • But Grapes is on board. Ugh. [OFB]
  • Maybe the Habs (or at least members of the media covering them) are regretting letting Roman Hamrlik walk. [Gazette (Cowan)]
  • Speaking of Hamr, check out the Caps' tribute to their still-new blueliner on his recent record. [Caps365 video]
  • The Caps raised nearly $30k for pediatric cancer on Saturday night, which is slightly more than Nicklas Backstrom's per-period salary nice. [CSNW]
  • If you prefer your artistic renderings of Alex Ovechkin in two dimensions rather than three, this one's for you. [Capitals Outsider]
  • On local fanhood. [OFB]
  • Dmitry Orlov knows that the organization hopes he's next in the recent line of young stud blueliners. [Patriot-News (Leone), with notes from yesterday's Bears practice here]
  • And don't forget about Patrick McNeill. [LDN (Fidler)]
  • Finally, some love for one of the unlikeliest of Caps blogs. [Backhand Shelf]

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