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Thursday Caps Clips: Caps @ Flyers Game Day

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of tonight's frenzy with the Flyers from Vogs, (Kimelman), CSNW video (Gormley, Sorenson), Peerless, RMNB, SB Nation DC (Vingan), CRtC and RtR, and be sure to check out our SB Nation partner Broad Street Hockey for more coverage from the other side of tonight's match-up.
  • How do you know it's a big game? When even The Boss gets in on the action. [Ted's Take
  • How else do you know it's a big game? The stories within the stories:
    • Offseason investments are paying dividends. [ (Kimelman)]
    • Ilya Bryzgalov and Tomas Vokoun: As advertised.  [ (Kimelman), Backhand Shelf (Bourne)]

    • Bryz says he doesn't know much about Alex Ovechkin, having played only twice against him.  And yet he can accurately name at least one of Ovi's biggest sponsors. Good work, IMG! [Philly Sports Daily (Isaac), CW (Whyno)]
    • And yes, Jaromir. [WashTimes (Whyno, plus more), WaPo (Carrera), RMNB, Half Smokes]
  • Notes and assorted whatnot from yesterday's practice. [Caps365 video (Kettler Report, Boudreau, and Vokoun), CRtC]
    • Along came word that Ovechkin wasn't on the ice for practice. Oh boy. [CI (Carrera, and again), DCEx (McNally), CSNW (Gormley), SBN-DC (Vingan)]
    • But not to worry, it probably isn't related to this. [@sk84fun_DC]
  • Speaking of Alex, you may have noticed his numbers are down ... [Alex Ovetjkin, CSNW (Gormley)]
  • ... though maybe not for long. [ESPN Insider (Greenberg, $)
  • If you're in need of some ultracool wallpaper for your desktop, here's some @ovi8 Batmobile pr0n for you... [Jalopnik]
  • ... and the behind-the-scenes pix are eye-candylicious. [Douglas Sonders Photography]

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