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Saturday Caps Clips: Doing and Being Good

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Japers' Rink Radio comes at you live at 10:00 this morning with special guest Dan Steinberg, and is available for download thereafter. Dig it.
  • One last huge thank you to RedBirdie for coordinating The Rink's pledge drive for "Save for Kids" - we raised what I consider to be a ton of money for a great cause and we couldn't be more proud of that. [FanPost]
  • Tangentially related, "ReCAPSule: Jose Theodore." [Capitals]
  • If you're wondering why George McPhee is a General Manager of the Year finalist, this should give you some appreciation of the job he's done. [Hockey or Die]
  • Bruce Boudreau: firmly in the ABP camp... [Bog]
  • ... And The Boss is firmly in the Boudreau camp. [Ted's Take]
  • "Crosby struggling like Ovechkin against Canadiens." Don't you mean "choking," since that's what you all were writing last round? [AP, related: ESPN]
  • And the Caps Vezina goes to... this was an easy one. [RtR]
  • The Mystics' "Attendance Champions" banners? History. W00t! [Off Wing Opinion]
  • Brooks Laich is a proud Canadian... [, TSN]
  • ... and Alex Ovechkin is a proud Capital. [Alex Ovetjkin]
  • Speaking of Worlds, SB Nation now has a blog dedicated to international hockey, which is awesome on many levels, not the least of which will be their WC coverage. [Puck Worlds]