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Cam Janssen Tweets a Defense

Cam Janssen will apparently find out tomorrow just how long he'll be suspended for the above hit on Matt Bradley.

Today - fresh off a lovely sounding vacation - Janssen took to Twitter (assuming it's actually him) to state his case. Here's his defense, in his own words:

  • Hey everyone . Just set up my account and I will be updating it as much as possible. You guys are my fans and you are everything 2 me
  • Just got back from cruzing the BVI on a yacht over Olympic break. Cant wait to get back into the swing of things. I have alot to discuss
  • I want to be able to explain everything after games and why I do the things I do. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything
  • I know the fans want to know about the hit on Bradley. It was back to back games and I felt the boys needed a lift as I always try to do
  • Its my job to set the tone early and play with that edge. In the situation w/ Bradley I thought the puck was in his skates.
  • Unfortunately the play had been made but @ that point I was already commited to my hit. As I do I try 2 hit with as much force as possible
  • After watching the replay of the hit I felt bad. It is part of the game and I talked to Bradley after. There might be a suspention involved
  • I will keep you updated. Thanks fans your the best!

I can't imagine that this spin will make much of an impact in Colin Campbell's mind, but it might help Janssen in the court of public opinion... so long as that court is far from Washington.

Update (2/25, 4:53 PM): The above tweets have been deleted from Janssen's account (a reminder to all that screen grabs are a must in these situations - my bad).