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Pick 'Em: Caps' Greatest Need?

We're on the eve of what will be a fun holiday for hockey fans, on both sides of the northern border, whether you call it Canada Day or Christmas in July. At high noon Eastern time tomorrow, general managers will step out of the saloons with guns blazing. And let us all hope that dreams of filling the Caps' greatest need, be it via a free agent signing or a trade, aren't shot down.

But what is the Caps' greatest need? Is it a hulking power forward to play right wing along side Nicky and Ovi, one who plays with a snarl, relentlessly bulldozing himself and the puck toward the net? Or a crafty second-line pivot, who can work efficiently with Alexander Semin and curb the latter's tendency to overplay the puck? Is it a physical defenseman most desired, that so many of us fans crave, to police the crease? Or, on that note, does the 2009-10 club need a respected enforcer to replace the unlikely-to-be-resigned Donald Brashear (and give Matt Bradley some cover)? Or discuss "other" needs in the comments.

Skip out of work early tomorrow, fire up a grill if you can, pour yourself a Canadian brew (Sleeman or Keith's, if you're lucky), and watch the drama unfold.