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Fedorov: Varlamov "Cracked Open This Series"

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[While many of the Russian sporting newspaper articles on the Capitals players are mostly concerned with whether or not any of the Russian players will soon be making their way to the World Championship, there are a few little nuggets to be found, such as this Sport Express interview with Sergei Fedorov after their game six win at MSG.]

Even at 39 years of age, Sergei Fedorov is a professional to the core. Despite a difficult sixth game in the series, he decided work out for half an hour on the exercise bike immediately after the game. It was there in the training room that he had a conversation with your Sport Express correspondent Vasilii Osipov.

What was the main reason for Washington totally outplaying their opponent in this game?

"We played lively, attacking hockey. Our pressing was so solid, especially in the first period, that we didn't give the Rangers a chance to even turn their heads towards our goal. This was especially important in light of the fact that the New Yorkers love to rush their opponents in the opening minutes. We didn't give them that opportunity, having totally taken the initiative."

Even when the score was 5:1 Ovechkin was making powerful hits and constantly in the thick of things. Don't you think this is risky and fraught with danger?

"Sasha always plays like this and there's probably nothing you can do about it now. He doesn't spare himself and never backs down from a heavy hit. I try to remind him that you don't always have to collide with two or three players, but he just nods, says he understands, and keeps going just as before. There's a reason he's the best player in the NHL."

What do you need to do to win the deciding match?

"Score first and play our own, attacking game. The main thing is to keep the puck in front of us rather than behind us."

What can you say about Varlamov's game?

"I think that he himself cracked open this series. It was really difficult for Semyon, because after all he was a rookie thrown into the fight when the team was already down one game. But there's also something good about this, that this is his debut season in the league. Varlamov is able to concentrate solely on the hockey and not pay attention to anything else."

Are you feeling tired at the end of the season?

"Our season is just now starting!" (smiling) "And you don't feel tired, because the playoffs are pure adrenaline. Now we need to go back home to Washington and get ready for our most important game."