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Hope Springs Eternal on the Nylander Front

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via Caps Message Board

Fitting that, on the day that  the new season opens and CapsNation is full of cautious optimism, word would come from across the pond regarding the team's biggest burden, to serve both as a reminder of the roadblock (as if we needed another one) and hope that the unfortunate sitatuation might soon be resolved. Here's Tuvan's translation of the RIA Novosti article bringing the news:

Yaroslavl, 1 October, RIA Novosti. Lokomotiv is expressing interest in Washington Capitals forward Michael Nylander, who has spent 15 seasons in the NHL, according to an RIA Novosti source close to the Yaroslavl club.

Peter, the younger brother of the well-known Swedish center (who turns 37 on October 2), is currently defending the colors for Khabarovsk Amur, and Michael also has some experience gained in Russia. During the 2004/2005 NHL lockout, he played several games for SKA and Ak Bars. By the way, Nylander's contract with Alexander Ovechkin's team is good for another two years, during which he is scheduled to be paid $8.5 million USD.

In addition to this, Lokomotiv has terminated the contract with forward Radek Bonk. An official reason for the termination has not yet been given, but according to our source, the parties came to a mutual agreement without any claims. Bonk was on the Lokomotiv team for 7 games, during which he scored 2 (0+2) points.

Currently, the situation with Konstantin Rudenko who, like Bonk, was discharged from the team last week after an unsuccesful road trip, has not been resolved. According to our source, the Yaroslavl team intends to trade the forward to another team.

Before we get too excited, Dmitry Chesnokov points out that "Lokomotiv is a closed organization in a sense that they hardly ever comment on player contracts," and they would not comment on Nylander. Could this be the "resolution" that Bruce Boudreau hinted at earlier in the week? Perhaps. But for now, it's just a rumor, and Michael Nylander is still a Capital. Nominally, at least.