Monday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes with links to notes on Adam Oates' new gig, the ongoing labor situation and more.

Your savory breakfast links:

● Catch up on the Clips you might have missed from the weekend here and here.

● The biggest news from the weekend revolved around Adam Oates, who will be killing time before his first NHL head coaching gig in DC gets underway with his first AHL head (co-)coaching gig in Hershey. [Dump 'n Chase, DSP, Patriot-News, Sportsnet, Puck Daddy, CSNW, WaPo, NBCW, RMNB, The Two-Line Pass]

● Speaking of Hershey, the Bears kicked off their training camp yesterday... [Caps365, Hershey Bears Hockey, SHoE, Bears in Pics (Group A, Group B)]

● ...with a familiar face in net who, all things considered, is happy to be back. [CSNW]

● The latest in lockout news:

○ Three straight days of meetings ended with no discussion of revenue sharing and no plans to talk today. The next step? Likely waving bye-bye to the first handful of regular season games. [SN, ESPN, Globe and Mail]

○ If someone's going to make the first move, it might (might?) have to be the players. [NYPost]

○ The NHLPA has two recent models on which to base their negotiating strategy - decertify the union and file suit or stick it out as one group... and either way could be pricey. [Forbes]

○ Yet another take on why the entire 2012-13 season could turn out to be nothing but a pipe dream... [Denver Post]

○ ... even though some fans really need hockey. [Caps Basketball]

● Looking ahead to 2012-13 for a couple of grinders. [Peerless, Peerless]

● Caps' prospect Patrick Wey and the BC Eagles were honored during halftime for their 5th national championship Saturday. Sadly their luck didn't rub off on BC's football team, as they fell to Clemson 45-31. [@BCFootballNews]

● Something about an ongoing lockout and hockey-themed beer just feels... right. [@JGains]

● Of course there are cheerier ways to celebrate your hockey fandom, though, like including it as part of your nuptial celebrations... just make sure no one crosschecks the cake from behind. [CapsOT]

● Finally, happy 36th birthday to Yogi Svejkovsky.

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