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Saturday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes with links to notes on Laich, Crabb (and who doesn't like crab?), Ovechkin, the labor situation and much more.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

Brooks Laich is now officially a Kloten Flyer (fun fact: so was Michael Nylander for a game last year)... [WaPo, WashTimes]

● ... where he made a strong first impression, notching a goal and an assist in helping his new squad to a 3-2 shootout win. Lookin' good, too. [FlashScore]

● Also, Anchorage-native Joey Crabb is now an Alaska Ace (mmm... Alaskan crab...). [Aces]

● And you can track all the Caps as they head out to find work in other-than-Washington here.

● Comcast SportsNet's massive Adam Oates interview concludes with the former captain's thoughts on the current captain... [CSNW]

● ... while the VP of the new-and-improved-and-totally-legit KHL adds his two rubles. [ESPN]

● The latest news and views from the labor front, where the two sides spoke yesterday (yay!) but not about anything considered to be a core issue (boo!). [CSNW, USA Today, ESPN, National Post, Backhand Shelf]

Gary Bettman's not exactly popular these days (though the young Caps fan's sign pictured there would seem to be self-contradictory). [SI, and for ten things you didn't know about Da Commish, head over to Puck Daddy]

● Watching dollars flow from Chinatown to South Capitol Street. [WTOP]

● Sizing up the best and worst summer signings. [Hockey Prospectus, Hockey Prospectus]

● The Bears are set to open camp, and we can expect plenty of superb coverage of it. So there's that. [Patriot-News, LDN, Capitals Voice]

● Meanwhile, the rest of the prospects get a once-over from the team's site. [Capitals]

● One of those future Caps, Filip Forsberg, is on quite a little run. [RMNB]

● Finally, happy 48th birthday to John Tucker and happy 62nd to Rolf Edberg.