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Weekly Previews

Weekly Preview: Election Day

As America heads to the polls, the Washington Capitals shuffle their lines to prepare for three new opponents. Jason Rogers is back to get you ready with his Weekly Preview, plus the return of Liable To Libel!

Series Preview: Your Crew Versus My Crew

The Washington Capitals take on the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. What do the Capitals need to do to exorcise their demons and exercise their authority? Jason Rogers lays it out in his series preview.

Weekly Preview: Do Your Job

Are the Capitals having an identity crisis? Perhaps, but a little hard work may be enough to right the ship. Jason Rogers looks at this and more in his Weekly Preview.

Weekly Preview: Big Bad Bura, Baby!

The Washington Capitals swing up the California coast this week as they take their East Coast bias out west to face the Ducks, Kings, and Sharks. Who can help the Caps finish the trip strong? Jason Rogers dives in with his Weekly Preview.

Weekly Preview: Martial Arts

The Capitals have the post-season in sight and are playing a well-rounded game. Does the same go for the rest of the league? Jason Rogers takes a look in his Weekly Preview.

Weekly Preview: Carol of the Goal Sirens

Washington faces three northern foes this week as the cold winds of winter begin to blow. Jason Rogers takes a look at how the Capitals can get into the holiday spirit without getting drunk on eggnog in his Weekly Preview.

Weekly Preview: Four Lines and Forty Minutes

The Capitals are nearly one-quarter through the season. Jason Rogers takes a look at what this week holds for the Caps in his Weekly Preview.

Weekly Preview: The Metro Sectional

With divisional bad guys Pittsburgh and Columbus on tap, the Capitals look to get a leg up and put their foot down in Jason Rogers' weekly preview.

Weekly Preview: The D.C. Space Program

Canada Week gives the Caps a chance to unite, indivisible.

Weekly Preview: Power Corrupts, and That's Good

A look ahead at what the week has in store for the Caps, from new contributor Jason Rogers