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Chalk Talk

Moments That Mattered: Orlov Giveth, Habs Taketh

Last night the Caps got off to yet another sluggish start and the Canadiens finally broke through on Braden Holtby following an ugly giveaway by Dmitry Orlov.

Dmitry Orlov starts the play, then helps finish it

Lost in the celebration of Alex Ovechkin's game-tying goal against the Devils was a slick breakout started by Dmitri Orlov.

Capitals' Top Line Takes Advantage of Poor Defense

The division race may not be close, but last night's Caps-Isles game was, with teams trading a series of blown coverages until Ovechkin could score the late winner.

Caps MtM: Two for Tuesday on the Power Play

Back-to-back goals on a double-minor gave the Caps breathing room and changed the course of Tuesday's win in Columbus.

Evgeny Kuznetsov Puts the League on Notice

On Tuesday, our NHL rivals tried to put Tom Wilson on notice. On Wednesday, Evgeny Kuznetsov put our NHL rivals on notice.

MtM: Wilson's Second Secondary Ices the Flyers

Last night the Washington Capitals finally came through against a hated division rival. A young former-first-round-pick finally came through, but it wasn't the one you'd have expected.

Capitals PP Gives Bruins An Indefensible Decision

Last night the Washington Capitals overcame an early setback to continue their dominance of the Boston Bruins. John Carlson's power-play goal gave the team the breathing room as they tried to hold off the Bruins in the third.

MtM: Capitals Pressure Suffocates Flames

Tuesday night the Caps started off their annual western Canada road trip. Relentless pressure and key contributions from the top six forwards helped them start off the trip on the right foot.

Caps Moments that Matter: How Not To Hold A Lead

The first game of the 2015-16 season started off strongly for the Caps, but it was troubling to see them concede a goal to the Devils immediately after securing their own two-goal lead.

Capital MtM: Let's Talk About That Pass

Last night Alex Ovechkin led the Caps to a 4-0 victory over the Penguins. His goals got plenty of (deserved) attention, but once again, Nicklas Backstrom is the man that made it all happen.

Capital Moments That Mattered: All-Star (Game) D

Over the weekend the NHL community got to watch a wide-open contest in Columbus. Last night, the Caps looked like they were still in All-Star Game mode, defensively.

"Low-to-High, That's How We Score"

Barry Trotz espouses an old-school approach to the offense; is it working?

What's Killing the Caps' Penalty Kill?

The new look penalty kill instituted by Barry Trotz looks like a shot-prevention success, but came with a fair degree of risk. That risk may have been too much for Trotz to swallow.

Capitals Power Play Taking What the PK Offers

In two straight games the Caps have gotten key goals from their power play unit. Neither has come from Alex Ovechkin, but both goals will help open up Ovechkin going forward.

Dealing with the Devils

The Caps won the first meeting with the Devils by a convincing score. It won't be as easy tonight, but there were lessons to be learned.

MtM: Lack of Defensive Urgency Costs Caps (Again)

The Caps have been winning the possession battle and losing games of late, Saturday night's defensive coverage against the Lightning demonstrates why they can't keep pucks out of the net.

MtM: Burakovsky Feeds the Need for Speed

Wednesday night was a mostly forgettable affair for Caps fans, but Andre Burakovsky once again gave us something to be excited about.

MtM: Third Time's the Charm for Second Line

Troy Brouwer provided the tying goal late in regulation on Tuesday night, but the way the second line had been playing it was just a matter of time.

Moments that Mattered: Trotz's Even Strength Plans

Alex Ovechkin's second goal on Saturday gives us some insight into how the Barry Trotz Caps are going to play at even strength.

Cashing In Chips Entering the Offensive Zone

Or how to enter the offensive zone without possession but without necessarily giving up the puck

Negative Ghostrider, The Pattern Is Full

How one maverick's fly-by helped allow the Kings to generate a handful of shots

Moments that Mattered: How it's Supposed to Look

A couple of Caps goals on Friday night were just as they drew 'em up...

Moments that Mattered: Neutral vs. Demilitarized

The Capitals played a solid game last night, but a couple of neutral zone breakdowns against the Penguins' top line cost them much-needed points.

MtM: A Hat Trick of Defensive Breakdowns

Picking up right where they left off before the Olympic break, spotty defensive coverage nearly cost the Caps what should have been two relatively easy points.

Moments that Puzzled: Who Covers the Shooter?

Just before the Olympic break, the Capitals put together a pair of wins to stay in the playoff hunt. Despite the wins, one goal-against in particular leaves us scratching our heads.

Moments that Mattered: Toughness Can't Make Plays

For all the inexperience on the Caps' blue line, last night it was the play of the elder statesmen that cost the Caps the game-winning goal.

Moments that Mattered: A Defenseless Defense

Poor defensive coverage on each of Buffalo's goals Tuesday night meant the difference between another rout and an overtime nail-biter.

Moments that Mattered: Return of Game-Over Green

Mike Green has had a bit of a rough season for the Caps, to date, but last night he capped off a vintage Mike Green game with an overtime game-winner

Picking Out an Interference Call

Sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between a legal pick and an interference penalty. A couple of Caps' plays from this season can help demonstrate which is which.

Moments that Mattered: Power Play Triple Threat

The Carolina Hurricanes made a concerted effort to not let Alex Ovechkin beat them on the Caps' Power Play and in doing so won the battle... but lost the war

Moments that Mattered: Ovi's Last Minute Heroics

Something happened en route to the Caps dropping a divisional game at home to the Flyers on Sunday: Alex Ovechkin.

Moments that Mattered: Ovechkin Opens the Scoring

Some sloppy neutral zone play by one of the best teams in the West opened the door for Alex Ovechkin last night, and he barreled through it.