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Throwback Tuesday

Relive the Magic: A Video History of the Caps

2014-15 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Washington Capitals' inaugural season, and with each year that passes, more and more stories from the early years get forgotten or otherwise lost. Let's try to change that. This is Throwback Tuesday...

Closing In: Alex Ovechkin, Peter Bondra and #826

With four points Sunday night, Alex Ovechkin closes in on Peter Bondra's franchise record - and further cements himself as the greatest Washington Capital ever.

That Time When the Capitals' Old Jerseys Were New

Remembering some classic sweaters as the Caps unveil their Winter Classic uniforms

Those Times Caps Trickled Down to the White House

Remembering a couple of visits to one of the world's most famous right wingers.

That Time When the Caps Had an Ace up their Sleeve

Remembering a good man, on and off the ice.

That Time When Being an Expansion Team Was Hard

As the NHL considers expanding yet again, we look back at the expansion that brought us the Caps... and the terrible, terrible hockey that came with them.

That Time When the Caps Played Musical Goalies

Tom McVie's answer to the Habs of the 1970s? Don't let one guy face them alone.

That Time When the Caps Brought Hockey to Japan

The two worst clubs in the NHL travel to the Land of the Rising Sun

That Time When Don Cherry and Tom McVie Had Words

Don Cherry's Capitals antagonism has been decades in the making.